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1. Who is appointed in the Advisory Committee of the Historical World Conference on 18th in Chicago
What? Ans: Manilal
2. Name the kingdom of the Gondal kingdom, built in the 18th century. Ans: Naukha Palace
3. Which state was part of Gujarat till April 1960? Ans: The City of Greater Mumbai
4. Which one was called by the Ekobat from Gujarat? Ans: Ai Hirvijayasuri
5. Where is the place known for what is known as a lathe? Ans: Cloth

6. Research-Ahmedabad
Atirra's first man was the answer. Ans: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
7. What is the length of the ligaments; c4 meter
8. Is Adalaj an ancient name? Answer: Patan
Who founded Anhilpur Patan? Ank: Vanraj Chawda.
9. Who started the auspicious time to get shelter for orphans? Ans: Mahipatram Tuparam
9. Which is an Archetypal Organization in the Scheduled Tribes? Ans: Eklavya
10. We drink. When was the railway between Mumbai and Mumbai? Answer: 1860 64
11. Ahmedabad was the first Indian President of municipality? Ans: Rabber Sadlal Chhotlal
12. When did the first train from Ahmedabad to Surat Railway? Ans: 20718
13. Answered by the husband of Elisabeth of Ahmedabad
14. Characterization of loneliness
Is there a different arrangement for women to offer prayers in Ahmedabad? Ans: Maanaid
15. Who was the leader of Bardoli Satyagraha? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
16. The temple is situated in Ahmedabad, which can be compared to the Mabanunaliva temple
Located near Bawdaw
17. When was Adalaj's WOW built? Solanki era in the century
In the meantime
18. The Ashram Road of Ahmedabad connects two cubs? Ans: Sabarmati Ashram and Fatab
19. Bhadra Fort of Ahmedabad was built in the year. 11
20. Who was the Bhadra castle of Ahmedabad? Ans: Sultan Ahmadsha
21. Who built Jamsa Madi in Ahmedabad and was an excellent example of architecture y Aww! Ahmad Shah
22. Which Majid situated in Ahmedabad is famous as Lata Minarna's masad Ans: Ropur's Majid
23. Which of the organizations in Ahmedabad has the largest number of manuscripts of Jan Dhan Ans: El. D.
24. Who built the Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad? Ans: Badshah Ahmad Shah
25. Where did Gandhiji establish his first ashram in Ahmedabad .Ans: Kocharab Ashram
26. Where was the first systematic mint of Gujarat started in Ahmedabad? Ans: Kalupur
27. Where did Gujarat's first husband's mint in Ahmedabad begin? Ans: Kalupur
28. Which iron bridge built in Ahmedabad is not yet corrosive? Ans: Ellisbridge
29. Did Bibi get crushed at Katha Linearath near Raipur in Amadabad? Ans: Lord Meeti
30. Who took the lead in closure of foreign textiles and liquor shops in Ahmedabad? An tr; Mulala Sarabhai
31. Who established the first Kishakala in Ahmedabad? Ans: Hakkumar Sethan (185e
32. Who created the first mill owner's association in Ahmedabad? Ans: Ranchhodgallalatlal
33. Who was the first to establish theater in Ahmedabad? Ans: Dahyabhai Zaveri
34. Which Bharat is more full of villages in the Kathi population of Amreli District A: Moti Bharat
35. Which Gujarati was appointed as Amina's penitentiary? Ans: Gaganvishi Mehta
36. The inscription of Ashoka is situated on the foothills of which hill; Girnar
37. Jail in Yerwada prison, Pune, who was lodged with Annal Yagnik Gandhi at Barpetolan.
38. On which mountain did Vaishirth Muni was performed for Amusya's memorial? Eighteen mountain)
On which mountain did Vasan Muni worship the mayor of Asuras? Ans: Earthquake Mountain
40. Ahmed decided to move from Patan to the capital of Gujarat? Ans: Ashawal (Current Ahmedabad)
41. Who decided to move the capital of its capital? Ans: Ashawal (Malman)
42. What organization was set up to expel the government outcome? Ans: Gujarat Viappeeth
43. What is the book of truth in the book of truth in the book of Agni? Ans: South
44. What is the difference between Samajwadi Party's rule in the book of Gandhi Gandhi's book? Ans: South Acacia
45. History of Satyagraha
Whose Samadhi is situated in twelve villages? Ans: Jessal Toral
46. ​​Who were the Advocates of Advocacy, who were able to defend their case in a provocative defense? Ans. Sir
47. Who became the first Chief Minister of the state of democracy in Saurashtra after independence
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